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website conversion optimization tips

Website Conversion Optimization Tips

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Would you like to make more money from the internet and your promotions?

Then you may be interested to learn about this study by Neilsen in 2006.

They observed over 300 people use hundreds of different websites . They then produced a 355-page report  about how people read on the web, including scanning patterns.

In short, what they found has influenced some of the biggest and most famous websites in the world.

Amazon and Facebook for example.

Now compare them with most blogs ( including this one unfortunately) and what do you notice? Watch this short video to discover something that may cause you to completely change your blog layout.

Website Conversion Optimization Tips Video

So in short, people browse a website in an F shape fashion.

Facebook, Amazon et al. have their sidebars on the left.

Website Conversion Optimization Tips That You can Take….

So if you want to sell stuff, then perhaps you should try to have your advertisements/banners on the left. And I am learning that the less stuff you have, the more clicks you get.

Stuff it with junk, related posts…etc and people click less. At least from my experience. You may find it different.

You can embed an  opt-in box at the top so you don’t have to worry about pop ups.

So you can generate leads, get more clicks and if your copy is decent enough, more conversions from your content.

Copywriting tips:

Ask an obvious problem in the first sentence….

Agitate it perhaps.

Introduce a solution ( your offer) carefully.

Of course all of the above points need training and you’ll need to focus on how you write but it’s a basic start.

Traffic to Content

Once you have your site set up, you’ll need some traffic. Here are what I use:

+ YouTube (SEO + Ads)

+ Facebook Ads

+ Organic SEO ( tricky for an affilaite site though)

+ Twitter Ads

+ Reddit but only if you have some stellar stuff on your site.

+ Pinterest ( Very misunderstood but super powerful)

Hopefully you got a little value from this post on Website Conversion Optimization Tips and if so, please share, like, comment or any other goodness you can think of.





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