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With any online business, there are going to be expenses. And while you do not want to get overwhelmed, you will need some tools and software. Here are the ones I use in my business.

I didn’t just want to post a list of affiliate links, so I have made tutorials on each tool that I personally use. And of course, should you feel that they will benefit you, I would appreciate you buy via my link (yes I will get paid a little bit).


The best email auto responder period!

AW Pro Tools

How to become an email pro and make your list happy.





Do you have the ability to create sales, webinar, membership and lead generation funnels that look the part and can be done smoothly and quickly? No? then watch this.

Pro Rank Tracker 

I’ve had the free account for ages but just upgraded to the silver plan. I should have done this long ago. A great place to see where every video is truly ranking and thus allowing you to focus your efforts on the right videos. Veery cool platform.

Beyond Hosting

When it comes to Hosting, you can get shared, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Dedicated Server. Shared is cheapest and is ok for most basic stuff. BUT, if you plan to do CPA marketing of any kind, you WILL need a VPS. Beyond Hosting have been great to me. 24 hour almost instant support anytime. And, they install tracking for you 🙂


If you aren’t tracking then you aren’t marketing. Period. This is not optional. You must be doing this if you are doing ANY form of affiliate / CPA marketing.

Chris Farrell Membership

If you are a beginner and get hung up with the technical side of things, then I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Farrell. I was with him for 2 years. The forum is active and they have great support.

Optimize Press 2

This very site uses Optimize Press 2. OP2 also allows you to create a wide variety of pages such as opt-in pages, sales pages, and with the plugin, you can create membership sites too.



Keyword research tool for the economical marketer.

Content Samurai Review