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Do I need a Website?

Yes, You DO need a Website

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Rant or Advice – Let’s See How This Pans Out

After speaking with quite a few folk recently over Skype, it has become apparent, to me at least, that some folk are just not ready to make any form of income online.

And before I go on, let me say that I am no smarter than anyone else. What I do is take action, and work my arse off.

Ok, back to the main topic of this blog post.

On my Skype chats I have met some great people who have become clients, some that just simply needed a few pointers, as well as a few who have listened to my advice, and decided to continue to do what it was that was getting them nowhere.

But what really gets me is that I get asked some pretty crazy questions:

+ Do I need a website?

+ How long until I can make money?

+ I want to make $2000 per month. Can I?

All of these questions are the wrong thing to ask. The last two come more out of a desperation to make money, so I can understand them, even if they are impossible to answer. Too many variables on the questioners work ethic.

But it is this question that gets me…

Do I need a Website?


This is the Internet! So of course you need a website.

That is like trying to drive but asking if you need a car.

Or wanting to be a great Golfer but asking if you need any clubs!


You need a website. And not just any old thing you slap up. But something decent. Your website will be the place where you send all your eyeballs, in the hope they become a subscriber or buy a product you own/recommend.

And each website should be in a particular niche and have a particular avatar.

Let’s look at niche selection…

Niche Selection 101

If you want to create a niche site for affiliate marketing, then here are some basic tips to follow:

Now, as you may know, I do a lot of YouTube marketing. For YouTube, there are a different et of criteria hen choosing a niche and I explain all in this expensive PDF guide called the YouTube Money Map. Click the image to get it.


Whatever you decide, please put thought into niche selection. And also ensure you identify your avatar, which is something I make sure people go through in my 1-1 trainings.

If you would like more 1-1 help, then you can schedule an appointment here to talk.

Im tired now and gonna get some kip. Camping has worn me out and I have a bunch to do tomorrow. In the meantime, let me know in the comment if the post a useful, or a load of rambling rubbish 🙂






first $100 online

How I made my first $100 online

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By doing something I did not know how to do….

Before You think it sounds dodgy, let me explain.

Their name was Charity. Really nice person from my first impression. Hit me up on Facebook and said they were on my list and if I could help them. And my reply got me my first $100 online.

The cry for help was in relation to a service I had offered. Basically, I was offering to create anyone who wanted it a professional looking capture page and connect it to an auto-responder of their choice. This was before Lead Pages, Clickfunnels (best investment I have made in a long while) and so on and to be honest, I was fairly green at that time myself. But I was keen and an action taker.

I had also bought a product called 10-minute pages. I no longer have it nor endorse it. That allowed me to use a whole bunch of templates. I would have no idea how to create one from scratch. Still cannot do that. I’m no coder.

Anyway, Charity wanted me to create a page and connect it to Aweber so a Bizz Opp could be promoted. I used one of the templates, edited it and connected it to Aweber. charged $97 (okay, not $100 but near enough).

They were happy as I was super quick, helpful and delivered over what THEY had expected. And I did something that they could not do at that time themself. Everyone was a winner.

It took me 10 mins max. Maybe less. Easy money. Now some of you maybe think I overcharged, should have done it for free..etc. But I disagree.

This was providing a service. And at that time, I’d not heard of Fiverr and I presume neither had they.

I just took action.

first $100 online

If you are struggling, think, what can YOU do? What can YOU create that others cannot yet need? Then get the word out and charge for it. if you do not so it, someone else will.

Certain softwares or programs can aid the process of course. At that time, I made the most of 10-minute funnels. Soon, I’ll be getting Viddyoze 2.0 and offering services via my VA to people who did not grab it but need help making their videos look snazzy.

Here are some examples of intros I made up using Viddyoze 2.0:

It really is just a case of getting yourself out there and getting some money coming in. When you are new, or if you are struggling, never be afraid to big up yourself.

Now, of course you absolutely must over-deliver and do it in a timely manner. That goes without saying.

Even if you only got ONE $100 in a whole month, that would pay your phone bill or cover some expenses as you grow.

Do it! And get your first $100 online (if you haven’t already).

PS..How do you make your first $100 online? Let me know in the comments below.




You are at the Steering Wheel of your life. So make the Right Choices

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Throughout our life we are presented with choices all the time. Many of them probably require little thought and you act in the blink of an eye.

But every choice has an impact; good or bad.

Let’s say for example you have high cholesterol. So you get prescription drugs. What does that really do? Solve the issue/problem? No it merely masks it.

What you ultimately need is a change in diet. The cholesterol is the symptom of the root cause of the problem.

Wealthy or poor? Your choice

At the start of this year, I stated that one of my goals was to become a millionaire. I’m already there, but not in the currencies that count. For me to get there I must make the RIGHT choices.

And if you aren’t where you wanna be financially right now, then it’s the result of poor choices.

+ You chose to buy that new shiny object

+ You chose to believe that guy selling that Bizz Opp

+ You chose to give up when the going got tough

+ You chose to watch TV instead of working on your sales funnel

Make the right choice

Make the Right Choice

You get my drift….

Conversely, you are fully responsible for the right choices. That often means saying YES to things that are a bit out of your comfort zone.

Saying Yes to paying $1000 got me  a great mentor (really cheap).

Paying $5K to join a new CPA Mastermind has really opened my eyes as to how this industry works.

Saying yes to my friend Stephen who wanted to bring his partner onto our launch helped me get $105K in revenue in 5 days.

So I am going to give you a chance to make a choice. Only you can make it,

Choice one is to click here now. Will you make the right choice?

Choice two is to enter your email onto the next page (not my page). The information you will get is worth the chance.

Choice three will arrive on the 12th of January. But only if you make the right choice at the start.

You only have something to lose by NOT clicking.

Make the right choice to educate yourself and then perhaps get something that will elevate your business.

Ok…I guess I am not being fair am I? I mean, you have no idea what you are clicking on.

So let me tell you.

On the next page there is video ( long and covers one of the most misunderstood aspects of marketing). This information will, if you market anyting online propel you forward regardless of any other actions you take.

BUT…There is also another place to enter your email. If you make the choice to do so, you’ll get access FREE to  2015 3C Conference Recordings ($997 Real Value!). Nothing to lose.

What is Smart Member 2.0?

In a Nutshell, Smart Member is similar to Udemy, by allowing you to create and launch your own courses, and build your own membership sites.  But unlike Udemy, Smart Member gives YOU more control, allowing you to keep your leads, use your own sales pages, collect money directly, pay affiliates instant commissions, and integrate with 3rd party platforms like JVzoo.

NO OTHER membership platform comes close to Smart Member, Period.

As an aside…Dark Post Profits 3.0 will be launching in February, and as a special fast-action bonus, everyone that gets a lifetime account with Smart Member will be given FREE access to Dark Post Profits 3.0 the following month during the official launch!

So there you have it!.

Make the right choice. Go here now and grab your gift.

PS…Any questions, let me know.


My goals for 2016

My Goals for 2016 – Reach for the Stars

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As I type this, 2016 is 12 days away and why wait till New Years Eve to write out my goals for 2016. There is no time like the present.

While I was compiling them, I looked back at my goals for 2015. They made me chuckle.

Some were set way too low. Others, now, seem really unimportant.

And, alas, I missed a few too.

So, here’s a little Video on my old goals:

As you saw, some of my goals were rather silly, some I missed, and some I achieved.

My Goals for 2016

So, what are my goals for 2016? Here they are in no particular order:
+ Spend more time with my daughters. I spent far too much time glued to my laptop in 2015.

+ Build up my affiliate marketing Oracle membership site and build at least 2 more membership sites. Passive income is great. I highly recommend them as they can cover ALL your marketing costs (worst case) and be a full-time income (best case). The key here though is to GIVE more in terms of quality to my members.

+ Get my Video Oracle Site up. FINALLY. It’s current state is here.

+ Get more quality clients and help them build THEIR YouTube and Social Media Presence. Let me know if this interests you (I prefer individuals or small businesses).

+ Have at least 4 $100,000 plus launches. To do this, it’s all about strategic partnerships. I now know who I want to do this with.

+ Bring my annual revenue up to or exceeding $1,000,000. When I got started, this was a pie in the sky figure. Now I KNOW it’s not hard to do.

+ Improve my reviews. Reviews on my Beers With Adam site are hard work (as I do them properly). BUT, that’s imperative to provide people with the truth. Now, I am not (probably) gonna call out the fakes and liars. Others do that well enough. But I may ruffle a few feathers. Less reviews, more quality ones.

+ Help at least 2 people launch their own products. Why only 2? Well, to do 1-1 training and mentorship is hard and 99% of the people I’ve spoken too have the WRONG attitude. Nice folk, but wrong attitude full of excuses why they cannot do things. I used to be that person, so not hating but I don’t want to work with someone like that. I also know MANY folk who will help you make and sell rubbish. Not for me.

+ Become a top Affiliate for my new CPA Network. I recently joined a new program $5K buy-in (A steal). I will become one of their top affiliates by the end of the year (Will, not I hope).

Have I set my hopes to LOW? Maybe. The point is not really the goals, but the reason for setting them:

The real value of setting goals is not the recognition or rewards, it’s the person we become by finding the discipline, courage or commitment to achieve them.


 PS…Please let me know if you liked this post by sharing it on Twitter and tell me your goals below. 

What I learned from my trip to Tokyo and the Netpreneur Summit

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While I am not shy, I have never really been a fan of public speaking. So when my friend Chris Blair asked me to speak at an International summit in Tokyo, I was both humbled and a bit fearful.

NetpreneurWhat if they heckled me? What if I froze on the spot? These were fears rushing through my mind as I tried to come up with an excuse to say No. But of course, saying no was never really an option. You cannot grow as a person by staying in your comfort zone.

So off I went. Hopped on the Shinkansen and took the 90-minute bullet train up to Tokyo from Nagoya. Checked in to my hotel in Shinjuku (downtown) and in true British style, I went to the pub.

It was more of a bar and sounded very un-British as it was called the Pink cow!

Anyhow, a few beers and some networking and it was time to catch some sleep before the big day.

The funny thing was, to prepare for this I had watched some videos of the Warrior Plus event and the guys speaking  at that were big household names. They also told their story and pitched almost the whole time.

Luckily, we had none of that here. 100% pure value. 0% pitching. The way it should be if good folk have paid their hard-earned to attend.

Netpreneur Summit

I think the best way is to give you a run-down of the speakers and what I learned:

Day 1

Kevin Riley

Although Kevin is a fellow expat living here in Japan, this was the first time I had met him. He is a great character with a wealth of online marketing and product creation experience. Back when the Warrior Forum was actually good, he was one of the well-known names and built a lot of connections.

Kevin spoke to us all about expert product creation and how to do it the right way. A lot of marketers nowadays should listen to him with some of the stuff served up.

Gulliver Giles and Leela Cosgrove

These two were simply fantastic. Now, I, like some others had never heard of them but some 007 style espionage discovered that they trained the sales teams of Ryan Deiss and Fran Kern to name a few. Wow! They had us all captivated. Gulliver really knows how to hold a crowd and his Armour of God sales info was worth way more than the $497 asking price for the whole event.

I am now a fan for life of these two.

Mark Lyford

Mark has one of the best stories ever. It involves porn, copious amounts of money, the Bahamas and prison. I’ll leave it at that. Mark is a Bitcoin and Crypto currency guru and while a lot of this was new to me, it was a fascinating insight into a world I knew existed, but know little about.

Kim Barret

Another person I’d never heard of but should have. Kim is a Facebook expert from Australia. He is a comfortable speaker and shared his knowledge on the various steps of Customer Awareness. All new and interesting stuff.

Adam Payne

Who is this idiot? Actually, I really enjoyed my presentation after the initial worries. I spoke about YouTube and how to go from zero to an authority channel and then, once that is established how to branch out into YouTube Ads. The crowd seemed to like it 🙂

netpreneur summit

Day 2

Stuart Stirling

Stuart is an Aussie living in Japan (a little North of Tokyo) and though we had been Facebook friends for a while, this was the first time we had actually met. He spoke about list building and this is something I can implement into my business right away. Apologies to Stuart for stealing his blog post layout on the Netpreneur Summit.

Jacob Hiller

I’d heard of Jacob before, but this was the first time to meet him. Off stage he seemed quiet but he is a fantastic speaker for sure. He has made $5 million Plus from an Ebook about jumping higher and built his empire on youtube. He now travels the globe with his wife and son. I heard his 3-year-old has lived in over 20 countries already.

Phil Kyprianou

Phil is from Montreal yet flew all the way over to teach us about E-commerce and Shopify. He knows a lot of stuff and really. After his speech, I was truly inspired to push forward with Shopify despite the worries I had. I’ll be hooking up with him for sure at some point.

Ed-Keay Smith

Ed is a Google Adwords expert but he taught us all about domains and did so in a very entertaining way. I liked his style and he was a good speaker. I also enjoyed a good drink with him after day 1. If I need domain or Adword advice, I have someone to  go to.

Michael Devlin

Another one I’d never heard of. Michael is a real entrepreneur and is so so good at what he does. He is a Linkedin, Twitter and Amazon master as well as being a nice guy all round. I learned so much from him it ain’t funny. He now has a new customer. Me 🙂


The hosts: 2 expats in japan, James Brown and Chris Blair hosted this event superbly. They both complimented each other and because of them, the whole thing went super smoothly.

Add to that the drinks, food, connections and general fun and positive atmosphere, it was a fantastic event. I loved it and have already bought my next ticket.


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