Goals for 2016
My goals for 2016

My Goals for 2016 – Reach for the Stars

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As I type this, 2016 is 12 days away and why wait till New Years Eve to write out my goals for 2016. There is no time like the present.

While I was compiling them, I looked back at my goals for 2015. They made me chuckle.

Some were set way too low. Others, now, seem really unimportant.

And, alas, I missed a few too.

So, here’s a little Video on my old goals:

As you saw, some of my goals were rather silly, some I missed, and some I achieved.

My Goals for 2016

So, what are my goals for 2016? Here they are in no particular order:
+ Spend more time with my daughters. I spent far too much time glued to my laptop in 2015.

+ Build up my affiliate marketing Oracle membership site and build at least 2 more membership sites. Passive income is great. I highly recommend them as they can cover ALL your marketing costs (worst case) and be a full-time income (best case). The key here though is to GIVE more in terms of quality to my members.

+ Get my Video Oracle Site up. FINALLY. It’s current state is here.

+ Get more quality clients and help them build THEIR YouTube and Social Media Presence. Let me know if this interests you (I prefer individuals or small businesses).

+ Have at least 4 $100,000 plus launches. To do this, it’s all about strategic partnerships. I now know who I want to do this with.

+ Bring my annual revenue up to or exceeding $1,000,000. When I got started, this was a pie in the sky figure. Now I KNOW it’s not hard to do.

+ Improve my reviews. Reviews on my Beers With Adam site are hard work (as I do them properly). BUT, that’s imperative to provide people with the truth. Now, I am not (probably) gonna call out the fakes and liars. Others do that well enough. But I may ruffle a few feathers. Less reviews, more quality ones.

+ Help at least 2 people launch their own products. Why only 2? Well, to do 1-1 training and mentorship is hard and 99% of the people I’ve spoken too have the WRONG attitude. Nice folk, but wrong attitude full of excuses why they cannot do things. I used to be that person, so not hating but I don’t want to work with someone like that. I also know MANY folk who will help you make and sell rubbish. Not for me.

+ Become a top Affiliate for my new CPA Network. I recently joined a new program $5K buy-in (A steal). I will become one of their top affiliates by the end of the year (Will, not I hope).

Have I set my hopes to LOW? Maybe. The point is not really the goals, but the reason for setting them:

The real value of setting goals is not the recognition or rewards, it’s the person we become by finding the discipline, courage or commitment to achieve them.


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  • Bill H

    Adam, I started following you a little over a year ago I think. It took me a little while to decide if you were the real thing or not. I will tell you that I like your style. You are kind of right in your face most times and I like that, I guess because that is also how I am. I don’t want to be BS’s to and I don’t BS anyone. Either you like me or you don’t. Doesn’t really matter to me because I won’t let someone else’s opinion shape what or who I am. I have bought a number of products from you this year and like what I see. My goals are much like yours and I am stretching this year not only because I want too, but in my case because I have to. I moved to a foreign country this past year and am adapting much like I’m sure you would have had too. I love it mainly because it has given me the time freedom to really pursue my dream of building my internet business. I move to Panama from the USA. My niche is a little different from you because I spent 40 years in the medical field and therefore that is my area of expertise and really am a fanatic about natural health. I want to establish a Natural Health magazine site that will provide both a passive income as a membership site, but also will allow me to sell many health products as an affiliate from many of the true experts in the field who I have followed now for a number of years and have proven to me that they are the real thing and have maintained not only a business that benefits their subscribers, but who have the knowledge and power to produce stellar products on a regular basis that really provide value to their community. I just wanted to thank you for this reminder that we can all achieve higher goals than we think if we will commit to the time and effort it takes to achieve that end result. I have many motivations for making that happen and have no doubt that I will achieve my goals for 2016. I am also partnering with a nice lady I met who is a really good writer. We are going to build an Amazon Kindle business together using her talents as a writer and mine as a marketer. Thank you for your success because I feel like I have kind of been along for the ride and watched you achieve some great achievements in 2015 that will propel you to much higher goals in 2016. A loyal follower and looking forward to seeing your advancement this coming year.

    • Adam Payne

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write that. It means a lot.

      Panama sounds great. Have heard awesome things though never been.

      Looking forward to hearing your Kindle and Amazon success stories.



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