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How to Disable Comments on a YouTube Channel Video

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How to disable comments on a YouTube Channel and video.

1:Go to your creator studio

2:Click on Settings

3:Go to ‘community’ then defaults

4:Choose the appropriate choice from the drop down menu.

Rezolved review Terrible Product and a Waste of Your Time Money

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ReZolved Review. ReZolved is yet another shiny object that does not do what the sales page claims. These offers NEVER work. They have nice sales pages but that’s about it. Absolutely zero quality.

Vidnami and Synthesys How to create Videos and voiceovers with Vidnami and Synthesys

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How to create Videos with Vidnami and Synthesys. Never use your face or voice.

Resources mentioned:

The Asigo System A review is Impossible What is the Asigo System

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The Asigo System is based on a new trend: e-services.

It takes the best bits of affiliate marketing and e-com while removing headaches like inventory, suppliers, shipping and even traffic.

Synthesys Review An Amazon Polly Alternative that s better Text To Speech Software

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Full Synthesys review and bonuses here:

Synthesys is the best Text-To-Speech platform I’ve seen so far.

An Amazon Polly Alternative for sure.

Video performance in YouTube Reading the Data

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Video performance in YouTube.

By going into your YouTube Analytics and looking at the video performance, you can make decisions based off of the data.

How to Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face

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Several profitable faceless niches revealed. Make faceless videos with Vidnami:

These 6 channels are great & will help you create profitable faceless videos