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ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick Review – Why NOT Tracking is NOT an option.

ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick is a tracking solution that has hands down the best support and training. If you are not tracking you are punching in the dark and throwing money down the drain.

I used to use CPV Lab for tracking but have since moved over to ClickMagick.

If you are brand new, I advocate this guide:

Get Your Free Tracking Guide Here – No Opt-in

ClickMagick Review video

To read the full review, you can go here.

Aweber Review

Aweber Review

Aweber Review

Is Aweber any Good?

Aweber is an autoresponders and has been in the game for a very long time.

Many great marketers swear by Aweber as a way of communicating with their lists.

There are other ways to build a list of course, but email remains the best.

I have used them for years, and to me they are better than the rest so I hope you like this Aweber review and check them out.

Aweber Review Video

Get your Free trial:

How to Make Money With Chatbots

How to Make Money With Chatbots

How to Make Money With Chatbots

A brand new training will be released at 10am EST on Thursday July 26th that will help you CRUSH
affiliate marketing WITHOUT an email list (believe it or not this is actually better) or the need to
have your own following.

It’s called Destiny and is by Jay Kay Dowdall. Here is a Destiny review:

DESTINY is a revolutionary new training that teaches you to get insane conversion rates with…

Click Here for the full review

YouTube Thumbnail Guide

YouTube Thumbnail Guide 2018

What exactly is a Thumbnail?

YouTube thumbnails are the small clickable images that a viewer clicks on to look at videos.

What Get’s the click?

When you enter a search term into Youtube and see the results, how do you decide what to watch.

If you are like 99.9% of other homo sapiens, then Titles and Thumbnails.

People are attracted to the image (thumbnail) and the title of the video. Get these two right and you have every chance of getting the desired result.

YouTube Thumbnail Guide Video

You can read more on the Video Marketing Insider blog. And you can learn more about VMI here.

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How to Translate Your Videos

How to Translate Your Videos with Lingo Blaster

How to Translate Your Videos

Did you know that only 25% of online searches are made in ENGLISH???

And still, almost all the marketers are fighting only for that tiny piece of the pie…
Leaving 75% of the market virtually untapped!

This is a unique chance for you to get an unfair advantage over all the other marketers!

And what I love the most about this tactic is that:
-You don’t have to speak any foreign language
-You don’t have to pay translators
-You ​won’t​ ​have​ ​to​ ​learn​ ​a​ ​thing​ ​about​ ​SEO.
-You​ ​don’t​ ​have​ ​to​ ​know​ ​a​ ​damn​ ​thing​ ​about​ ​backlinks…
-And​ ​you​ ​don’t​ ​need​ ​a​ ​huge​ ​budget​ ​to​ ​take​ ​advantage​ ​of​ ​this.

Just Grab Lingo Blaster, this new web-based tool on June 15th from 11 AM EST.

Direct link

Full Review

Best Video Marketing Course

Best Video Marketing Course Ever?

Best Video Marketing Course Ever?

There are a lot of video marketing courses online but just what’s the best? I think Video Marketing Insider is the best video marketing course by a long way.

Unlike other video courses, it covers EVERYTHING related to Video marketing and is constantly updated.

To learn more, get your Free gift here and choose a profitable niche

Clickfunnels review

Clickfunnels Review 2018 – Video

Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels is all about making people more cash.

It does this by giving businesses and individuals software that helps them turn their site visitors into customers.

There is no denying it’s popular. But is that because it is worth it, or some slick marketing?

Who do you trust?

The Affiliates, or the naysayers?

Clickfunnels Review Video


Click here for a full review

Content Samurai Review

Content Samurai Review |😎|Worth it or Overhyped?

Content Samurai Review

Content Samurai is a web-based software that has been around for many years.

It allows you to copy and paste text and turn that into HD videos for your marketing.

Royalty free images and background music are provided and if you wish, you can upload and easily synch a voiceover.

I use and advocate content samurai.

Content Samurai Review Video

Go here for a full content samurai review: