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What I learned from my trip to Tokyo and the Netpreneur Summit

While I am not shy, I have never really been a fan of public speaking. So when my friend Chris Blair asked me to speak at an International summit in Tokyo, I was both humbled and a bit fearful.

NetpreneurWhat if they heckled me? What if I froze on the spot? These were fears rushing through my mind as I tried to come up with an excuse to say No. But of course, saying no was never really an option. You cannot grow as a person by staying in your comfort zone.

So off I went. Hopped on the Shinkansen and took the 90-minute bullet train up to Tokyo from Nagoya. Checked in to my hotel in Shinjuku (downtown) and in true British style, I went to the pub.

It was more of a bar and sounded very un-British as it was called the Pink cow!

Anyhow, a few beers and some networking and it was time to catch some sleep before the big day.

The funny thing was, to prepare for this I had watched some videos of the Warrior Plus event and the guys speaking  at that were big household names. They also told their story and pitched almost the whole time.

Luckily, we had none of that here. 100% pure value. 0% pitching. The way it should be if good folk have paid their hard-earned to attend.

Netpreneur Summit

I think the best way is to give you a run-down of the speakers and what I learned:

Day 1

Kevin Riley

Although Kevin is a fellow expat living here in Japan, this was the first time I had met him. He is a great character with a wealth of online marketing and product creation experience. Back when the Warrior Forum was actually good, he was one of the well-known names and built a lot of connections.

Kevin spoke to us all about expert product creation and how to do it the right way. A lot of marketers nowadays should listen to him with some of the stuff served up.

Gulliver Giles and Leela Cosgrove

These two were simply fantastic. Now, I, like some others had never heard of them but some 007 style espionage discovered that they trained the sales teams of Ryan Deiss and Fran Kern to name a few. Wow! They had us all captivated. Gulliver really knows how to hold a crowd and his Armour of God sales info was worth way more than the $497 asking price for the whole event.

I am now a fan for life of these two.

Mark Lyford

Mark has one of the best stories ever. It involves porn, copious amounts of money, the Bahamas and prison. I’ll leave it at that. Mark is a Bitcoin and Crypto currency guru and while a lot of this was new to me, it was a fascinating insight into a world I knew existed, but know little about.

Kim Barret

Another person I’d never heard of but should have. Kim is a Facebook expert from Australia. He is a comfortable speaker and shared his knowledge on the various steps of Customer Awareness. All new and interesting stuff.

Adam Payne

Who is this idiot? Actually, I really enjoyed my presentation after the initial worries. I spoke about YouTube and how to go from zero to an authority channel and then, once that is established how to branch out into YouTube Ads. The crowd seemed to like it 🙂

netpreneur summit

Day 2

Stuart Stirling

Stuart is an Aussie living in Japan (a little North of Tokyo) and though we had been Facebook friends for a while, this was the first time we had actually met. He spoke about list building and this is something I can implement into my business right away. Apologies to Stuart for stealing his blog post layout on the Netpreneur Summit.

Jacob Hiller

I’d heard of Jacob before, but this was the first time to meet him. Off stage he seemed quiet but he is a fantastic speaker for sure. He has made $5 million Plus from an Ebook about jumping higher and built his empire on youtube. He now travels the globe with his wife and son. I heard his 3-year-old has lived in over 20 countries already.

Phil Kyprianou

Phil is from Montreal yet flew all the way over to teach us about E-commerce and Shopify. He knows a lot of stuff and really. After his speech, I was truly inspired to push forward with Shopify despite the worries I had. I’ll be hooking up with him for sure at some point.

Ed-Keay Smith

Ed is a Google Adwords expert but he taught us all about domains and did so in a very entertaining way. I liked his style and he was a good speaker. I also enjoyed a good drink with him after day 1. If I need domain or Adword advice, I have someone to  go to.

Michael Devlin

Another one I’d never heard of. Michael is a real entrepreneur and is so so good at what he does. He is a Linkedin, Twitter and Amazon master as well as being a nice guy all round. I learned so much from him it ain’t funny. He now has a new customer. Me 🙂


The hosts: 2 expats in japan, James Brown and Chris Blair hosted this event superbly. They both complimented each other and because of them, the whole thing went super smoothly.

Add to that the drinks, food, connections and general fun and positive atmosphere, it was a fantastic event. I loved it and have already bought my next ticket.


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Video Vibe Pro Review, Tutorial and Bonus Package

If you want the opinion of someone who knows Video Marketing extremely well, and you want to be able to make high-quality videos and rank them to get the sale or the opt-in, then you must read below.

I’ve just come back from speaking at the Netpreneur Summit in Tokyo with some 7 – 8 figure earners and what I learnt has transformed the way I will do business from here on in.

First, I’ll only be reviewing one offer per week as there are simply not enough quality offers out there. Promoting every day will mean selling my integrity and that’s not for sale at any price.

So with that said, please watch my Video Vibe Pro Review:

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Video Vibe Simple Tutorial

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  1. Can I use this on multiple channels? Yes.
  2. Does this involve any shady black hat stuff? No. And nor should it
  3. Will it be updated? Although it is not mine, these guys have good names and vouched that it will.
  4. Why get this over other video creation tools? This is an all-in-one suite and the wise person will use these videos to RANK and then PRESELL to direct to content. Other products this month were not up to par.
  5. Is it monthly? No. One time payment only


I have had reviews to review the other video offers this month. I chose this. Why? Because it is miles ahead of the others.


What are the OTOS in Video Vibe Pro?

  1. $67 500 + Social Sharing sites added
  2. $197-$997 – White Label Rights to sell the offer as your own.

Video Vibe Pro Review


PS…I hope you enjoyed the Video Vibe Pro Review. 


Video Vibe Pro Bonuses

(no PLR or worthless stuff like that)

  1. Million dollar Insights – My Top Secret Insights from the Tokyo Netpreneur Summit

  2. My Social Syndication Strategy Recipe

  3. My YouTube Channel Training Video – How to set up Your channel for Massive Success

  4. 15 Minute SKYPE Session. Ask me ANYTHING ( but not technical questions, that’s a waste of your time). My Skype add is on the Bonus page.

How do YouTube Ads Work? – A Step-by-Step Beginners Guide



After chatting to a lot of people, it seems there are 2 misconceptions about YouTube Ads:

1. They are difficult

2. They are this year’s in thing

In this post, I will dispell both of the above concepts and my goal is to provide you all with a blueprint to creating a Youtube Ad even if  you are completely clueless about the whole deal. So, How do YouTube Ads work?

How do YouTube Ads Work?  The First Step


Before you even get started with a YouTube Ad ( and we will get into different types of ads in a minute), you’ll need a Google Adwords Account. To get one simply go here: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Make sure you enter the correct credit card and billing information as you won’t be able to move forward after this.

The next step is to link your YouTube Channel.

1. Log in to YouTube as usual and go to Creator Studio.

2. Hit the Channel tab and then the advanced tab.

3. From here, hit the ‘Link Adwords Account’ and then paste your Google Adwords ID number (Found in your Adwords account).

4. Name the account, check the 3 boxes and then job is done. you just need to wait for approval.


Now you are ready and able to create your First YouTube Ad. But this post is more to explain How YouTube…

How do YouTube Ads Work? – The Three Main Types


First let’s look at in-Search Ads.

These are the best ones for the beginner as you do not need to actually create a new video. You just use one of your existing ones.

These appear at the top of the search results after someone types in a search query




As you can see, they are related to my original search. A click on the Rosetta Stone Ad takes me here:



This is great, as it is their CHANNEL. More branding and teaches me about them and what they have to offer.

If I click the annotation, I go here:


A landing page that is congruent and uses similar coloring…

Not only will this Ad attract clicks, but if the video does a good job, it will re-redirect the traffic to a place of the advertiser’s choosing.

Oh, and it will also increase views which in turn will lead to better rankings. Who said buying views was bad?

If you want to simplify the whole YouTube Ads Process, then this is what you should do.

Next, let’s look at in display ads.

These are best for beginners. In short you are paying for the top spots on the RIGHT of the video you are watching



The funny thing here is that this takes me to YouTube’s ads platform. Perhaps they want me to take out an ad?

Now, let’s look at in-stream Ads.

In-stream ads are what most people think of when it comes to YouTube Ads. Now, most people think they are annoying as hell, and that’s fine. But…They work IF done the right way.

In-stream ads are small videos that play before the video that you are hoping to watch. Often, you have the option to click away after 5 seconds.

These appear ‘before’ the video you are looking for plays.

These ads need to catch the viewers’ eye and take them away from the content they had just chosen to view.

In doing so, targeting is incredibly crucial, as you want to keep your advertising as “on topic” as possible to the video your viewer just made clear they wanted to watch…


You only pay if 30 seconds are watched. If the viewer skips before the 30 secs are up, you don’t pay anything. However if a viewer watches 30 seconds of your ad you will still be charged for that whether they click the ad or not. Then of course if somebody actually does click on your ad you will be charged.

A huge difference with these ads is that when clicked viewers get sent to a website of your choice instead of your video.

This one took me here:



More congruency and non-threatening.

So these are CPV ads (Cost per view). Even if someone skips the ad, it is still FREE branding for you or your company.

Best Practice:

Make a 60 Sec Video. Qualify them to click away early to stop wasting money. You can do this by making a simple script.

“Are you interested in using a super powerful traffic source to get more leads for your business? If not, then please click away now. But if so, let me introduce myself……

Of course, there is more to YouTube Ads. You need to know about conversions, analytics, targeting and so on, but I hope this post has given you an insight into what Youtube Ads are and how they work.

Once you have something to offer, you know your ideal customer and have a place to send them, then you really should delve into this untapped and misunderstood market.


YouTube Ads Explainer Video

YouTube Ads Scare a lot of folks, but no need. To get started with YouTube Ads, then this is what I and a lot of top YouTube Advertisers use. I think you’ll love it.


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YouTube Cards Tutorial – Make Your Videos More Interactive and How to Use Them Wisely.

It’s been a while now since YouTube rolled out YouTube Cards. They came out right about the time of the lesser known autoplay function. And while they are super simple and super effective, I still see a ton of videos that are either without cards, or they do not employ them properly. So, I decided to create this YouTube Cards tutorial post to help you out 🙂

YouTube cards act a little bit like annotations in that they appear inside of your video and can be clickable. Let’s say they are a kind of Annotation evolution.

How they differ is this:

  • They are mobile responsive which means that people can, unlike the old annotations, see them on their phone and click on them. As a ton of traffic is via mobile these days, it’s imperative that you employ cards on all your videos.
  • Old annotations were text only on a colored background. YouTube cards allow you to add a small graphic making them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and overall appear more professional

So let’s look at what YouTube cards are and how you can use them to drive more traffic to your website.


YouTube Cards Tutorial Video

At the moment, you can choose from six types of cards: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding. You can find a new “Cards” tab in your Video Editor to create and edit them at any time.

To ensure you make the most out of YouTube cards, you need to have your website verified with your channel.

Once you  know how to do this, it really is super simple.

You can download Filezilla here if you have yet to.


YouTube Cards Tutorial – Learn More

Despite all of the benefits of YouTube cards, they should be used in conjunction with annotations. they are not meant to replace them.

As is always the case, the best place to get concrete advice about such things is to go to YouTube itself.

Usually, issues with any traffic platform arise simply because the user has not educated themselves about the policies of the said network. So, always familiarize yourself with the Terms Of Service.

The only thing left now for you to do is to actually go out there, verify your website with your channel and play around with YouTube Cards.

Once you have a bunch of them up, you can analyze the stats in your youTube analytics to see if they are having the desired effect and tweak as necessary.

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YouTube’s New Autoplay feature and What it Means for You

If you use YouTube in your business, you may have noticed a new feature recently. When a video stops playing, a new video, determined by YouTube will begin to auto play.

If this is not a video  of yours, this could be seen as a real problem.


New YouTube Feature Autoplays Their Video Recommendation





YouTube’s New Autoplay feature – This is Good for YouTube

Of course this keeps people on YouTube itself, which is their ultimate goal. Trouble is, your goal should be to get them off of YouTube and into your sales funnel.

Now if you look closely at my image, you can see a little checkbox on the top right that does allow the viewer to uncheck this function, but let’s be honest, most folk will not even be aware of it.

Another issue is that unlike the old ‘grid-style’ recommended videos, there is no option for the viewer to choose what video plays next.

It’s all down to the YouTube algorithm.

If the new autoplay recommendation hasn’t rolled out for your account yet, don’t worry. It is a matter of time.


So, What can you do?

This will benefit those channels that have a bunch of targeted and related videos inside their channel. I mean, you should be creating theme related channels and on each of these channels, you should have an abundance of related videos.

Never put a weight loss video on a dating channel. Goes without saying, but hey, some people do this.

Create multiple related videos for each keyword you want to rank for.

Of course, you must include the usual:

  • file name
  • headline
  • description
  • tags of all of your videos


Create videos in a numbered series like “Part 1, Part 2, and so on. You should keep everything else in the file the same.

YouTube’s algorithm is pretty likely to show the next progression in the video series.

Now, if your channel is not an authority, this will really help you.

YouTube’s New Autoplay feature In Summary

Don’t worry too much, but do ensure you have a bunch of related videos on your channel and connect them as much as possible.

For more video tips, Click Here to get your Cheat Sheet

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