VidPerk Review An Honest Opinion of a Gimmick

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VidPerk Review. Save your money. No need to buy this.

VidPerk makes some astounding claims. Sadly, newbies and naive folk will fall for them.

How to optimize youtube ads for beginners Read The Data

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This video looks at How to optimize youtube ads for beginners.  No matter what you are looking for on YouTube, you’ll be able to find hundreds of videos with hundreds of thousands of views.

How to Embed YouTube Videos Across multiple Platforms

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Embedinate is a powerful platform for getting videos exposure immediately while saving time.

It is one of my softwares from the video marketing insider suite, and the only one that I currently sell as a standalone offer.

KickAss Tuber Review The BEST YouTube Thumbnail Maker

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KickAss Tuber Review:
If you want to make good quality YouTube thumbnails then there are several options. Some are better than others. 

Avatar Builder Review

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Avatar builder is a new web based software created by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar.

These launches  are in my opinion generally good quality tools.

But in this case, do you really need it or not that necessary?

YouTube For Local Businesses

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In this video, I cover how to create custom intent audiences to show your video ads to.

Custom Intent Audiences in this case are based on what a person searches for on Google.

Weight Loss Made Simple PLR Review Premium PLR

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Premium PLR reports is a brand by Kevin Fahey. This video reviews his new
Weight Loss Made Simple PLR.

For this he partnered up with a health professional called Declan Doyle and they have done something in the weight loss niche.

Declan is a leading nutrition and health consultant who has worked with the NHS and some big corporate clients​

YouTube In Stream Ads For Beginners What are they How to Set Them Up

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This video shows beginner how to set up In-stream ads.

YouTube In-stream ads are commercial type videos that appear before a monetized video.

Done right, they can be very profitable but like all things, there is a learning curve.