Weight Loss Made Simple PLR Review Premium PLR

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Premium PLR reports is a brand by Kevin Fahey. This video reviews his new
Weight Loss Made Simple PLR.

For this he partnered up with a health professional called Declan Doyle and they have done something in the weight loss niche.

Declan is a leading nutrition and health consultant who has worked with the NHS and some big corporate clients​

YouTube In Stream Ads For Beginners What are they How to Set Them Up

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This video shows beginner how to set up In-stream ads.

YouTube In-stream ads are commercial type videos that appear before a monetized video.

Done right, they can be very profitable but like all things, there is a learning curve.

How to Add Location to a YouTube Video

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This video covers how to add a location to a video on YouTube. This is useful if you are running a local business or want to connect your video to a specific GEO location.

This is a simple process that takes 10 seconds and this video is up to date

How to Steal Traffic On YouTube to Make More Sales

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In this video I show you How to Steal Traffic On YouTube and make more affiliate sales, more e-com sales & more product sales.
Get Vidnetics: https://vidnetics.com/

Best YouTube Ads Software

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This video covers the Best YouTube Ads Software today moving. Check out Vidnetics here: https://videomarketinginsider.com/Vidnetics
Being able to find monetized videos is important for YouTube Ads targeting, but that alone is NOT enough. 

How to Make Money User Testing Simple Beginners Video

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In this brief video , we go over the basics of making money user testing. Get the free guide which includes this and other methods here: https://beerswithadam.com/get-guide

Viddyoze Review Viddyoze New Updates Review and Demo PROS CONS SHOWN

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In This NEW Viddyoze Review: Viddyoze 2020 Full Review and Demo. A tool walkthrough + a full DEMO. Then we look at the pricing, the upgrades and the PROS/CONS💥💥 Find out more at:

The Conversion Point Small Lists Big Profits

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The Conversion Point teaches how I make a full time income from email marketing /Audience building:  If you want to learn how to make money from small lists without resorting to promoting junk, without gimmicks or product launches then this is what I have done for years.

How to Spy on YouTube Ads

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In this video I reveal 2 ways to spy on youTube ads. One is free, the other not.

The free way uses stats for nerds but only finds the creative. As always free ways to spy are limited compared to paid ways to spy on YouTube ads

How to Find Trending Videos in Your Niche

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How to Find Trending Videos in Your Niche. Trending videos and trending topics are not the same thing. Check out the VidTrendz software here.