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How I made $2,000 while camping

How I made $2,000 while camping

Over the weekend, I was able to also earn a couple of grand, and that’s what this video is all about.

I want to take you through the process that allowed me to earn basically just under $2,000 while I was camping. Yeah, there are certain things that I already have in place and there are certain, maybe, advantages that I may have over other people, but those all came through hard work; they weren’t just thrown in my lap.
I want to walk you through how I was able to earn that just under $2,000 and the things that I did exactly, no bullshit, no hiding anything, and also tell you a few things that I did wrong.

My friend Clive released a product called Bam Bam Backlinks, which is a really cool training on how to create backlinks on Google to get your YouTube videos higher in the search engines. I have a list that is, for the large part, interested in things related to video marketing.

You can check it out here!
Now, the first thing’s first. Clive actually reached out to me and told me about this, but I probably would have found it anyway on MunchEye because I’d go through and I’d find a product.

The first thing is choosing a product that is actually good. That’s imperative if you want to do this email marketing/affiliate marketing thing longterm.
Because imagine how would you feel if you were on someone’s list and they promoted you something that was a scam, it didn’t work, they’re only promoting it because their friends are doing it?
That’s that whole thing recently with, what’s it called, Push Button Traffic, whatever it was called, that … It was a ridiculously terrible product.
Didn’t work. It was a complete waste of everybody’s money. Yeah, it sold a lot of money because the people do the circle jerk thing. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night promoting that to people who are on my list or in Facebook group purely because I’d be lying to them.
I don’t know how people can go through life just completely lying to other people just for the sake of a few dollars. Pick a product in whatever niche you’re in.
Pick a product that you know is good.

I went through Clive’s product. He sent me a review copy, and I really, really liked it. Now, because I get into the actual what I did, I want to just look at this message that Clive put here.

I didn’t win the competition. I wasn’t the top seller; I was number two. The number two affiliate sent 80% less visitors than the person that won it, but I was only four sales behind. That just goes to show that you do not need a massive emails list.
I converted 45%, which basically means that half of the people that I sent to Clive’s sales page bought the product. So not only did I finish second in the competition, but I also got a bonus as well.
You can see all the proof in the video.
Now, you do need a list and you do need a responsive list that know, like, and trust you, but you don’t have to have a big list.
All these products out there and all these people out there saying, “Yeah, I got 200 people on my list, 100 people on my list yesterday” … That’s great, but they’re just vanity metrics.
If they don’t convert, if they don’t buy anything, what’s the point? I’d rather have one person that buys something than 1,000 people that buy nothing. That’s one thing I want to say. Don’t feel threatened by people that have big lists because … Of course a big list that converts is the best thing, but you don’t need to have a big list to convert.
Now, I’m not going to mention who the number one guy is or the number three guy is, but number one guy’s list is incredibly much bigger than mine.
It’s huge compared to what I’ve got. Still, by being number two, I was only four sales behind. It doesn’t matter. That guy could’ve probably sent out another email and then gone 20, 30, 40 sales ahead. That’s not my point. My point is the fact that with a small list, I can still finish four sales behind somebody with a massive list and convert at an insane rate.
What did I do to get these kind of conversions? Well, the first thing that I did after going through the product was to make a review video. This was my first mistake. I made the review video about 10 or 11 days prior to the launch because I like to get things done and ready. I don’t like rushing.
Also, I think people that get their products ready early: that’s a good sign, because they’re not just rushing at the last minute and not got stuff ready. How can you then go ahead and sell it a day later if it wasn’t ready the day before? I was able to do that because the review access was ready in time.
I made the review, yeah, 10 or 11 days … I forget what it was. I put it on YouTube.

For the rest, just watch the video.
I hope you liked this Vlog and got some value. If so, please share it.





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