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Klippyo Review

Klippyo Review and Amazing Bonus Deal

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Klippyo Review

Tuesday 28th May: Cart Opens @ 11 AM EST

Klippyo is a brand new video software from the Viddyoze team.

This is a solid app, created by the team who’ve worked with brands like Sony, Tesla, and Vodaphone.

And the app itself has is used and fully endorsed by video marketing celebrity Derral Eves.

Derral is EASILY one of the world’s foremost YouTuber experts with over half a million subscribers.

So there’s a pedigree behind this app that doesn’t come around all that often.

Now, I realise there are more video softwares than the population of Iceland, but, technology changes and anything you can do to get one up on other folk and stand out is a good thing.

When Klippyo launches, for the front end license (studio and personal) you’ll get 10 pre-done templates for you to click and edit up.

When you read the rest of this review and video, you’ll see why I think this could be the best video software I have ever seen.

And if this is your first time reading one of my reviews, I make a full time income from video and run this site too.

So what exactly is it?

Klippyo is not a template based software

As you know, there are a ton of those available already. 

Instead, you have the freedom to create and customize your own stuff.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Upload your own footage (direct from desktop or mobile) and then create a project with it.
  • On mobile you can shoot the footage there and then and auto upload to Klippyo (the editing part is easier on desktop although you can edit on mobile).
  • Directly import from YouTube for repurposing
  • Giphy integration. Add them or import them into Klippyo
  • Viddyoze integration for users of that software.
  • Shutterstock Video deal. Hundreds of thousands of videos that can be pulled in. When you pull in videos from shutterstock, they convert the .MOV files into.MP4 files automatically.

Shutterstock Integration

As Klippyo has integrated with Shutterstock in a very unique deal.

Front end users get 80 clips they can use.

When you think some clips go for several hundred dollars alone this is a HUGE deal.

Shutter stock alone charges $137 per month for 5 HD clips alone.

Now, here’s the GREAT thing. get upsell #1, Klippyo creators you get UNLIMITED SHUTTERSTOCK ACCESS.

This is massive!

Klippyo Video Editor

  • The editor is free flow so you can move clips about. While the standard is 1920 x 1080 you can change it if you want.
  • Full aspect ratios are provided.
  • Memeify. This means you can add bars to the top or bottom of videos….
  • Audio controls: Built in audio tracks from Shutterstock
  • Built in text animations.
  • Everything autosaves as you go.
  • Export to MP4 and use as you wish

Now let’s have a look inside.

Klippyo Review Video

Who can benefit from Klippyo?

  • E-commerce store owners
  • CPA/Affiliate marketers
  • Bricks and mortar business owners
  • List builders
  • Anyone who does anything on social media ( YT, FB, Pinterest, Instagram..etc)
  • Local video marketers 
  • YouTubers

Klippyo Review of the funnel

Klippyo funnel

The $77 Personal License is for users who are creating videos for their own business.

This license has restricted features & assets.

The $97 Studio License is an unlimited license with additional features and the right to use a license on commercial video projects for other businesses, i.e. the videos can be resold for a profit.

Upsell #1 is amazing and for the Shutterstock integration alone could save everyone a fortune while at the same time giving you access to a metric ton of excellent videos/images.

I have not looked at upsell # 2, so you should make the choice as to whether you want this at the time.

Klippyo Summary


  • Works on all devices and responsive
  • Anyone case us it. Super easy
  • Shutterstock integration is huge
  • Full aspect ratio option to make the same video for all social media
  • Can add bars, audio, memes and GIFs
  • Reasonable price
  • Video editor and can export vids too
  • Mobile App



  • None really but you should get upsell #1 to get full advantage of it. 


PS…I hope you liked this Klippyo review and please let me know if you have any questions.

Klippyo Bonuses (All uniquely crafted)

Important: you must clear cookies before buying to ensure the automatic delivery of your bonuses along with your purchase.

Klippyo Review

1. My VMI Guide to Local marketing (with video script for local)

A 12-page guide on pricing, what you can offer prospective clients, what upsells you can offer, niches to get into and more.

I wrote this so it’s a totally unique bonus.

You can use the script inside for the videos you make with Klippyo.

Just change up on a needs basis.



2. YouTube Ad Spy Scripts

I have researched some Successful YouTube Ads that are unlisted on YouTube so not easy to locate.

I have then had them transcribed you can see how these ads are scripted and re-word them for your own paid campaigns without having to come up with a script from scratch.

3. Facebook video Ad Clickbank Compliance Rolodex

This was created for the purpose of running traffic to Clickbank offers on Facebook. 

Only certain offers/landing pages are complaint and this is a list of those that would take you a few days to research by yourself.



4. Script to call code

This script can be placed on as many WordPress sites as ya like.

And it turns a link into something more powerful.

It can act as a click to call, click to Skype or click to email.

In short, you RANK a video or take out an AD.

A viewer clicks on a link in the description, or if you meet the criteria, in a car or end screen.

A pop up appears on that page prompting either a phone call, email or Skype call. A demo video is here: https://beerswithadam.com/vmi-script/



Klippyo Upsell Bonus Live Call

In addition to the rest, upsell buyers will get a full on live call (recorded if you cannot make it) on how to utilize Klippyo to dominate several social media without having to create more content.


Klippyo Review


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