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Click Profit Videos Review

Click Profit Videos Review

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Click Profit Videos Review

Goes Live: February 19 – 23 @10:00 AM EST

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Here are the 10 videos that will be included in the FE video 10-pack: 1) 2) EZ Battery Reconditioning 3) Lotto Dominator 4) Cryptocurrency Codex 5) Red Tea Detox 6) Yoga Burn 7) Manifestation Miracle 8) Easy Cellar 9) Take Surveys for Cash 10) 1 Hour Belly Blast

My Bonus Contents:





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Interactr 2.0 Review

Interactr 2 Review

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Interactr 2 Review

In this video, I tell you about a software ( web-based so works on a MAC and PC) that is pretty unique.

It allows you to add:

+ Clickable images

+ opt-in boxes

+ pop-ups


…And more to your videos so they are interactive. A viewer can then click and be re-directed to a location of your choice. Thus they interact with the video. You’ll stand out for sure…

Read my Full Interactr 2 review here plus see the bonus video.


What are the benefits of buying YouTube Views

What Are The Benefits of Buying YouTube Views?

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What Are The Benefits of Buying YouTube Views?

Did you know that every minute, over 300 hours of video web content are posted to YouTube?

As YouTube becomes extra saturated, it is progressively challenging to bring in viewers to your content and also get YouTube sights.

Because of this, acquiring views has ended up being an increasingly preferred method of gaining more viewers rapidly and easily.

There are a number of advantages to buying YouTube views.

Most especially, buying views will help increase the natural, organic development of your video clips and also your networks.

Videos with a higher view count (whether those sights have been purchased or were accumulated naturally) tend to be regarded as extra eye-catching, which in turn drives more web traffic.

For instance, let’s presume Video A has 20,000 views while Video B just has 300 views.

Which video are you going to click? In the large majority of instances, YouTube individuals would certainly think that Video A is much better just due to the fact that it has even more views.

For that reason, acquiring YouTube views can provide a base of views that will work to attract actual customers in the future, increasing the exposure of your material.

But….All that said, you need to be careful as buying views will also skew your analytics.

What Are The Benefits of Buying YouTube Views? Enjoy the video

If you would like to learn more about my preferred way to buy views, then you can do so here by checking out my YouTube Ads Mastery Review.

If you must buy views in other ways, make sure to buy a reasonable number. Do not buy 10,000 views if your search term gets 100 searches per month. Use some common sense.

Also, go for high retention views. Make sure of that.

Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

How to Turn your video into a GIF

How to Turn your video into a GIF

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How to Turn your video into a GIF

How to Turn your video into a GIF


A GIF is, like the above, a moving image of sorts. This video shows you how to make them for free from any video file you have. Super simple!

How to Go Back To The Old Adwords interface

How to Go Back To The Old Adwords interface

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How to Go Back To The Old Adwords interface

Even though the New AdWords Experience (AKA the new user interface) doesn’t quite have feature parity with the current AdWords yet, it actually offers some exclusive features.

But Remarketing tags ( or the locating of them) can be tricky. That is why you may want to go back tot he old interface.

I hope you enjoyed this video blog post and if so, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more tips and tricks related to video.

Video Marketing Insider

The Video Marketing Insider – A look inside

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The Video Marketing Insider

The video marketing insider is a huge undertaking. Not only to  make sure that not only the value is there, but that is works perfectly from a user standpoint.

That and it needs to be updated as well as maintained and a community needs to be built and supported.

This will work for anyone who is interested in video.

If you want to get on the early bird list, then go here and get your profitable YouTube Niches and join the list.

Get More Leads

Get more leads For Your Network Marketing Company

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How to get more leads for your Network Marketing Company

I’m going to show you how you can leverage platforms such as YouTube, Google as well, but mainly YouTube to absolutely dominate any searches related to the network marketing company, or MLM company that you are promoting.

Now I want to preface this by saying, I’m not involved in any way, shape, or form in this industry.

I’m not in network marketing, I’m not in MLM. My expertise is in actual YouTube marketing, but I do have a lot of friends, I do have a lot of people that I associate with in Facebook, and other social media that do a lot of this stuff.

A lot of people are either doing it wrong, or they’re limiting themself to their close circle of friends, or on places like Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, or Pinterest.

Get More Leads

When by branching out and attracting people that have no idea the company even exists, you’re just going to get a much wider range of person.

You’re going to get many more eyeballs on what it is you have to offer.

So when it comes to YouTube marketing, you want to make sure that when anybody does any search, whether it’s product related or whether it’s problem related, that your YouTube channel absolutely dominates.

Which means you’re going to need to have videos up on your channel, which solve problems, which review stuff, which give balanced view points.

So that eventually not only will you become known in that industry, but people will get to like you, people will get to trust you.

You can direct traffic to build a huge email list where you give your subscribers value, and then you offer you MLM as a fast-track to solving problems.

How to get more leads for your Network Marketing Company – Video


To Get Started With YouTube, go here and grab your free YouTube Niches Guide.

YouTube Subscribe Button

How to Add A YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website

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Add A YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Website

One of the most important factors to growing your Youtube channel is having a Youtube subscribe button on your landing pages, thank you pages and websites/blogs.

How do you do that?

Go here first:

Then follow the guide in my video and when you get the embed code, add it a widget on your site.

If you would like to learn how to improve your YouTube channel authority, then there are many ways to to that.

Some require payment, others are free.

In any case, the more subscribers the better so make sure you embed your YouTube subscriber button on your sites.

Cheers and please share this post if you got some value from the video.


How to make an animated GIF

How to make an animated GIF and Embed in your emails

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How to make an animated GIF

Not only will I show you How to make an animated GIF, but then how to take that image and add/embed it in your emails.

This will make you stand out although it’s recommended you use it sparingly or it’ll lose its effect.

The only thing is, to follow the video, you’ll need:

+ Tube Buddy

+ Aweber ( Or similar autoresponder)

How to make an animated GIF Video Tutorial

That is all there is too it.

As you can see, it’s not hard and fairly quick.

If you decide to get Tube Buddy, then I recommend the pro version for a few months at first to see how you like it.

I made a review of Tube Buddy here.

How to Think of Video Topics For Your Channel

How to Think of Video Topics For Your Channel

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How to Think of Video Topics For Your Channel

Anyone with a YouTube channel knows the importance of creating content at a consistent basis.

Everyone also knows that you need to create content that people are actively searching for on YouTube.

so how do you that without using expensive YouTube Keyword tools?

Well, you can use the two free youtube keyword tips that I show in this video.

How to Think of Video Topics For Your Channel

Tip1: Begin typing in some keywords and let Youtube auto complete function tell you related terms.

Tip 2: Do the same, but begin your search with an underscore. That will give you other ideas and put the keyword in a different position.

We hope you enjoy the video on How to Think of Video Topics For Your Channel .

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