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Should You Buy YouTube Views? Or is There a Better Way?

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Buy YouTube Views

Is it a good idea to buy YouTube views? Back in the old days I would have said that buying views had benefits and the case ‘could’ still be made today but I ma working on a better way.

YouTube views do a couple of things.

  • They make your video appear to be more popular. A viewer who sees 2 videos will probably be more likely to watch the one with 1000 views as opposed to the one with 5.
  • They can help in terms  of rankings if the views are high retention

Should you Buy YouTube Views – How to do it if you must

Once you have uploaded and shared a fully optimized video, buying views can give you that little boost. But here’s where many people make a simple mistake. They buy 1,000, 2000 or more. Even if these are high retention views, the majority of the time you are basically screaming to YouTube, ‘I wanna be caught!”

YouTube viewsSay you have a video and are trying to rank for a search term that has 800 monthly searches. If you then go out and buy 800 or more views…you are asking fro trouble.

YouTube/Google aren’t stupid. They know that not every single person who enters that search phrase will watch your video.

Now if you go even crazier, and buy 10,000, well you are asking for it.

Also, these views are in no way shape nor form targeted and will destroy your analytics.


Buying YouTube Views – My Way in 2015 and beyond

I still advocate buying views. But these must be laser targeted.

They must also be super cheap and quick. how can you buy YouTube views like this? Well, this video explains all (and no, this is not about YouTube Ads).

So, If you’d like to grab the case study, you need to do one of 2 things:

Pick up the OTO of my own product, Social Traffic Alchemy on the 11th


Pick up Tube Caller on the 12th
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