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Google Chrome Extension

My Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

First of all, you should be using Google Chrome as your default browser. No ifs or buts on that one.

Oh, you are already? Smart.

Now as you probably know, Google has a ton of extensions that you can add (many of them free) to make your online affiliate marketing journey much easier.

They appear on the top right of your screen as so:

Google Chrome Extensions

But with all the choices, which ones are really necessary? If you are an affiliate marketer, then I will identify the ones I feel are vital. There may be others but I’ll keep the list to 10.

My Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

Last Pass

When you have more than one or two passwords, you need a safe and secure way of keeping them all in one place. Also, you can create folders that you can share with your VAs later on down the road if need be.


What stands for Web of Trust. It basically tells you how trustworthy a website is based on user feedback. It looks at trustworthiness and child safety.

While not always 100% accurate, it’s great for checking out affiliate offers because if they get a poor rating, chances are it’ll be difficult to direct link on places like Facebook.


Anyone writing or outsourcing articles, landers and so on needs to make sure they are well-written. No typos and so on. Grammarly allows you to do this and I am using Grammarly for this article( Now watch the spelling nazis point out an error).

GEO Proxy

If you want to run affiliate offers in other countries this is a great extension. You can simply switch to aproxy of that country and then check out some competition.

FB Pixel Helper

FB Pixel Helper

As you may expect, FB Pixel helper helps you validate your FB Conversion and Custom Audience Pixels.

Redirect Path

Redirect Path flags up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes as well as client side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects, bringing potential issues that may not otherwise be seen to your attention immediately.

Awesome Screenshot

Ever wanted to take a screenshot of the whole screen? With Awesome screenshot you can. Great for capturing sales pages and landers and then to send to VAs to copy or to go over yourself.

Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Tag assistant

It helps you verify that you have installed various Google tags correctly on your page. Just navigate to any page and Tag Assistant will tell you which tags are present, report any errors  and suggest improvements that can be made



When you browse the web, your data leaves a digital footprint. This footprint, connected by tracking technologies (called trackers), helps companies build a profile about you and how you interact with their sites and their competitors, allowing them to optimize their communications and site experience to reach you – and others like you – at the right place, at the right time.

User Agent Switcher

In simple terms, you can view your pages as they would be seen on any device. Great if you are affiliate marketing and want to see how your landing page looks on Android for example.

PS…Hope you enjoyed this post on my top 10 Google Chrome extensions. Please leave a comment and share and also tell me your choice for preferred extension.


You are at the Steering Wheel of your life. So make the Right Choices

Throughout our life we are presented with choices all the time. Many of them probably require little thought and you act in the blink of an eye.

But every choice has an impact; good or bad.

Let’s say for example you have high cholesterol. So you get prescription drugs. What does that really do? Solve the issue/problem? No it merely masks it.

What you ultimately need is a change in diet. The cholesterol is the symptom of the root cause of the problem.

Wealthy or poor? Your choice

At the start of this year, I stated that one of my goals was to become a millionaire. I’m already there, but not in the currencies that count. For me to get there I must make the RIGHT choices.

And if you aren’t where you wanna be financially right now, then it’s the result of poor choices.

+ You chose to buy that new shiny object

+ You chose to believe that guy selling that Bizz Opp

+ You chose to give up when the going got tough

+ You chose to watch TV instead of working on your sales funnel

Make the right choice

Make the Right Choice

You get my drift….

Conversely, you are fully responsible for the right choices. That often means saying YES to things that are a bit out of your comfort zone.

Saying Yes to paying $1000 got me  a great mentor (really cheap).

Paying $5K to join a new CPA Mastermind has really opened my eyes as to how this industry works.

Saying yes to my friend Stephen who wanted to bring his partner onto our launch helped me get $105K in revenue in 5 days.

So I am going to give you a chance to make a choice. Only you can make it,

Choice one is to click here now. Will you make the right choice?

Choice two is to enter your email onto the next page (not my page). The information you will get is worth the chance.

Choice three will arrive on the 12th of January. But only if you make the right choice at the start.

You only have something to lose by NOT clicking.

Make the right choice to educate yourself and then perhaps get something that will elevate your business.

Ok…I guess I am not being fair am I? I mean, you have no idea what you are clicking on.

So let me tell you.

On the next page there is video ( long and covers one of the most misunderstood aspects of marketing). This information will, if you market anyting online propel you forward regardless of any other actions you take.

BUT…There is also another place to enter your email. If you make the choice to do so, you’ll get access FREE to  2015 3C Conference Recordings ($997 Real Value!). Nothing to lose.

What is Smart Member 2.0?

In a Nutshell, Smart Member is similar to Udemy, by allowing you to create and launch your own courses, and build your own membership sites.  But unlike Udemy, Smart Member gives YOU more control, allowing you to keep your leads, use your own sales pages, collect money directly, pay affiliates instant commissions, and integrate with 3rd party platforms like JVzoo.

NO OTHER membership platform comes close to Smart Member, Period.

As an aside…Dark Post Profits 3.0 will be launching in February, and as a special fast-action bonus, everyone that gets a lifetime account with Smart Member will be given FREE access to Dark Post Profits 3.0 the following month during the official launch!

So there you have it!.

Make the right choice. Go here now and grab your gift.

PS…Any questions, let me know.



How to Achieve Success in 2016 – And What NOT to do…

2016 is here and already going quickly. With the Internet ever evolving and countless people venturing online, how are YOU going to make sure you have the success you want this year?

Well, I hope to help with some tips as well as some things to watch out for. Let’s kick on.

Obstacles to Success in 2016

This right here is the most fundamental problem that a large majority of marketers have:

Symptom: Buy anything and everything that looks like it will make you $$ easily and quickly

Cause(s): Being way too opportunistic and marketers taking advantage of that.

This right here is the Shiny Object Syndrome you’ve probably heard of.

As someone who emails a lot, it is my job and ultimate goal to become your trusted fiduciary. That is something I admit to have failed in before. But as I personally evolve, I truly want to provide tips and product recommendations that will help you, and not just promote the latest new thing.

But YOU have to meet me halfway too, and not be that opportunistic buyer and be a more strategic buyer ( to quote Rich Shefren).

How to Achieve Success in 2016 – Process Vs. Result


How to How to Achieve Success in 2016


One tip I can give you here for 2016 is to fall in love with the process, not the result.

What does this mean?

Think of the last time you went to a restaurant and had a fantastic meal.

The result is the meal itself.

The process is the sweat and tears the chef put into to cooking not only your meal, but the training they went through, the countless hours of study…etc.

It was that process that produced the amazing result.

Process Vs Result in 3 minutes:

PS…I hope you have enjoyed this post on ‘How to Achieve Success in 2016’. Please leave me a comment below and tell me your plans for 2016.

My goals for 2016

My Goals for 2016 – Reach for the Stars

As I type this, 2016 is 12 days away and why wait till New Years Eve to write out my goals for 2016. There is no time like the present.

While I was compiling them, I looked back at my goals for 2015. They made me chuckle.

Some were set way too low. Others, now, seem really unimportant.

And, alas, I missed a few too.

So, here’s a little Video on my old goals:

As you saw, some of my goals were rather silly, some I missed, and some I achieved.

My Goals for 2016

So, what are my goals for 2016? Here they are in no particular order:
+ Spend more time with my daughters. I spent far too much time glued to my laptop in 2015.

+ Build up my affiliate marketing Oracle membership site and build at least 2 more membership sites. Passive income is great. I highly recommend them as they can cover ALL your marketing costs (worst case) and be a full-time income (best case). The key here though is to GIVE more in terms of quality to my members.

+ Get my Video Oracle Site up. FINALLY. It’s current state is here.

+ Get more quality clients and help them build THEIR YouTube and Social Media Presence. Let me know if this interests you (I prefer individuals or small businesses).

+ Have at least 4 $100,000 plus launches. To do this, it’s all about strategic partnerships. I now know who I want to do this with.

+ Bring my annual revenue up to or exceeding $1,000,000. When I got started, this was a pie in the sky figure. Now I KNOW it’s not hard to do.

+ Improve my reviews. Reviews on my Beers With Adam site are hard work (as I do them properly). BUT, that’s imperative to provide people with the truth. Now, I am not (probably) gonna call out the fakes and liars. Others do that well enough. But I may ruffle a few feathers. Less reviews, more quality ones.

+ Help at least 2 people launch their own products. Why only 2? Well, to do 1-1 training and mentorship is hard and 99% of the people I’ve spoken too have the WRONG attitude. Nice folk, but wrong attitude full of excuses why they cannot do things. I used to be that person, so not hating but I don’t want to work with someone like that. I also know MANY folk who will help you make and sell rubbish. Not for me.

+ Become a top Affiliate for my new CPA Network. I recently joined a new program $5K buy-in (A steal). I will become one of their top affiliates by the end of the year (Will, not I hope).

Have I set my hopes to LOW? Maybe. The point is not really the goals, but the reason for setting them:

The real value of setting goals is not the recognition or rewards, it’s the person we become by finding the discipline, courage or commitment to achieve them.


 PS…Please let me know if you liked this post by sharing it on Twitter and tell me your goals below. 

pond5 review

Pond5 Review – Get The Best Stock Videos for Your Facebook Ads

Whether you are using YouTube or Facebook, there’s no denying the power of video. It’s huge right now and for good reason.

People enjoy videos and can relate to them.

They make you come across professional and are fantastic for branding.

But there’s a problem. Creating high-quality ones is either very expensive or requires a lot of equipment or expertise.


You can use Pond5.

Pond5 Review Video

As you can see, Pon5 is an awesome resource and there are a ton of videos you can use.


Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Pond5 is free to register with, but the videos are mainly not free. You can filter for duration and price range.

Click the banner above to check it out and I think you’ll enjoy using this secret weapon.

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Get A Better Conversion Rate

5 Tips to Get A Better Conversion Rate – AKA Make More Money

How to get a better conversion rate is a question that many people have. After all, ranking top of Google or YouTube, getting a ton of clicks on your ads, or building a massive Facebook Fan Page is all kinda pointless if you are unable to get conversions, which basically means make more money.

So here are some tips for you as well as a little introductory video on how to get a better conversion rate.



1. You don’t know your Avatar

When I got started, I bought a product called AutoResponder Madness by Andre Chaperon. I learnt this avatar stuff from his teachings so while I don;t take credit for the below info, I applied it and think you should too.

Think about this for a minute. You have 4 folk looking at your offer; a new SEO tool.

James and Jane

The last time James bought a similar tool 2 years ago, he got screwed. His worldview is going to be very different from Jane who regularly buys the latests tools to enhance her online blogging platform and has had some top-notch experiences.

Fred and Luke

If Fred sees his job as an innovator and is encouraged to try new alternatives, he will have a different worldview to Luke who is told to avoid risks and cut costs where he can.

Different people, same product they are looking at, completely different worldview. And therefore the same people will make a different decision based on this worldview that they have.

So what should you do? Change their world view?


Identify a group of folk with a worldview, frame your story in terms of that world view, and reap the benefits.

Does the below sound familiar?

a) Get an offer

b) Drive traffic to that offer

c) Build a relationship via Email

d) Convert and get sales

W-R-O-N-G! Big time. But that is the methodology most people are told, so that is what they do. Perhaps you too? I did it back in the day. We all knew no better.

But something was wrong. A and B went well, we tried C and D just didn’t materialize at all.

One of the most overlooked items when designing a marketing campaign is also one of the most important and should never be skipped:

Identifying your target population.

It sounds so basic, yet it is so regularly skipped.

If you want to attract more of YOUR target population, then you must identify them with laser-like proficiency. One of the best ways to do this is to be able to visualize your target market. I recommend using an Avatar approach. This way you can envision exactly what your target looks like. Once you can see them in your minds eye, it’s much easier to attract them.

An Example:

If you are selling weight loss products for instance, who exactly are you trying to attract??

“anyone who is overweight”====>>>> Nope!

That is just way too broad a spectrum of people to effectively attract. You must get much more specific as to who they are.

The lesson here is to be more specific and don’t try to attract absolutely everyone. As the old story goes “He who chases two rabbits catches none”.

You must get specific for each campaign. You should note that you can have multiple “ideal prospects” and their related Avatars, however, each campaign must be addressed to a specific population to be able to appeal to their specific needs, challenges and other emotional triggers.

The importance of understanding your audience.

It is important not to try to market to everyone.

A creative way to get this process rolling is to create what is known as an Empathy Map

You may need to change it, add to it, alter it…but you DO need to start it.

Put simply, an empathy map is the world from someone else’s Point of View. It is what THEY see, do, think, feel and hear. Their ‘worldview’

It is THEIR world perspective. Not yours.

It is more than a demographic of your ideal customer; you are getting inside their head and writing down their aspirations, fears, dreams, environment and concerns.

Write all this down, and you have an empathy map. It can be hard at first, but just get started.

Get A Better Conversion Rate – Empathy Map Difficulties

The problem that you will face (I did too, believe me) is that your empathy map is not skewed by your OWN worldviews. In other words, it must be unbiased. That is hard….

You need to try to look through the lens of your ideal customer.

I recently read an article about how Daniel Day-Lewis prepares for his acting roles. It is extreme to say the least. He gets in character, sometimes for 8 months at a time.

He has had his ribs broken, lived in a real prison, gotten a boxing license. Heck, in his Oscar-winning performance of My Left Foot, it was reported he acted as if he could not walk for the duration of the filming, so much so that crew had to carry him around. But he won an oscar and it is viewed as THE model of how acting should be done.

Now you do not need to go to such extremes in creating your empathy map…but you get my drift.

Empathy Map

This is an Empathy Map Example

2. You don’t know your numbers

You cannot scale what you aren’t measuring. In short, you must be tracking and know your numbers so you can optimize and scale. Here is an introduction to tracking so that you can learn more on this score. Here  is an introduction to CPV LAB, the tracking platform I use myself. To grab it at a discount, you can use this coupon Code at the check out: ADAMPAYNE via this CPV LAB link.

3. You Have not Split-tested

If you have ONE landing page, ONE Facebook ad, ONE Image, then you are not marketing. You are praying that the ‘guess’ that you have made will be a success.

I was speaking to one of my mentors who was telling me that at his peak, they were running huge amounts of traffic to an offer and changing out the landing pages every 12 hours. New colors, new headlines, new images…

The thing is, that to do this, you must be tracking so that you can see how the changes affect the numbers.

Conversion Rate

4. You suck at telling stories

story telling for conversions

Stories create a connection with your audience.  Stories allow you to persuade your prospect to take certain steps over just throwing up data on them.

A story gives someone an emotional experience of action. The prospect will feel this experience so they will feel that they are taking the action of the main character.

Good stories are simple. Built on a very simple foundation of elements. Character, desire and conflict.


5. You are emotionally attached to a campaign

When I created my first ever Teespring campaign, I was sure it would be a home-run. After all, I had followed all the training of a great course I had bought. The campaign was designed by a VA and looked awesome. My targeting was spot on.

But, after $70 spent, I looked like this guy:


Emotianlly attached


The thing was, I couldn’t let go. I had put sweat and tears into this campaign and would not accept that it was a failure. The real reason it failed, I guess I’ll never know. But what I should have done was killed the campaign after 48 hours, and moved onto another one.

So, if stuff fails, so be it. Never get emotionally attached to a campaign


I hope this post about how to Get A Better Conversion Rate has helped you. Making money online is NOT easy. If it were, everyone would be rich. It takes time, effort, education and a ton of mistakes (many of which will cost you money).

PS… I’d really appreciate it if you either left a comment or tweeted this post 🙂 Thanks.

Should You Buy YouTube Views? Or is There a Better Way?

Buy YouTube Views

Is it a good idea to buy YouTube views? Back in the old days I would have said that buying views had benefits and the case ‘could’ still be made today but I ma working on a better way.

YouTube views do a couple of things.

  • They make your video appear to be more popular. A viewer who sees 2 videos will probably be more likely to watch the one with 1000 views as opposed to the one with 5.
  • They can help in terms  of rankings if the views are high retention

Should you Buy YouTube Views – How to do it if you must

Once you have uploaded and shared a fully optimized video, buying views can give you that little boost. But here’s where many people make a simple mistake. They buy 1,000, 2000 or more. Even if these are high retention views, the majority of the time you are basically screaming to YouTube, ‘I wanna be caught!”

YouTube viewsSay you have a video and are trying to rank for a search term that has 800 monthly searches. If you then go out and buy 800 or more views…you are asking fro trouble.

YouTube/Google aren’t stupid. They know that not every single person who enters that search phrase will watch your video.

Now if you go even crazier, and buy 10,000, well you are asking for it.

Also, these views are in no way shape nor form targeted and will destroy your analytics.


Buying YouTube Views – My Way in 2015 and beyond

I still advocate buying views. But these must be laser targeted.

They must also be super cheap and quick. how can you buy YouTube views like this? Well, this video explains all (and no, this is not about YouTube Ads).

So, If you’d like to grab the case study, you need to do one of 2 things:

Pick up the OTO of my own product, Social Traffic Alchemy on the 11th


Pick up Tube Caller on the 12th
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An Introduction to tracking with CPV Labs – Not doing this? Then you aren’t Marketing…

Tracking is a funny old thing. Everyone knows they should be doing it, but most don’t. Grown intelligent folk suddenly become quivering wrecks with the possibility that they have to get their hands dirty and do the boring stuff.

Don’t let that be you. This post is to serve as an introduction to tracking with CPV Labs, my tool of choice. There are others out there of course, but this is what I have studied and use now.

A while back I was clueless about tracking until I took a course that taught it and now I have an understanding of it. It showed me that paid traffic is all about knowing your numbers. Know them, and you know when to quit a campaign or to scale up. Without tracking, none of this is possible.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure

This is very true, but it’s no good unless you know what you are doing tracking wise so let’s start from the beginning with a tracking introduction.

SUBID tracking is one of the most basic ways to understand what works. Unfortunately, different affiliate networks use a slightly different system. Nothing we can do about it but you won’t need to learn too many.

ClickBank, JVZoo and most CPA networks let you add a text of your choosing to the end of affiliate links. This is called a Sub ID. Let’s look at an example with regards to Clickbank: (raw link with no tracking) 

To activate the Sub ID, the network will give you an extra bit to add to that, something like: ?tid=

Which gets you:

Now you add something of your choosing so that you can clearly identify where the click came from. If I had a link inside a blog post for example, I would have:

Now, if someone clicks on this link (and maybe buys) you can see so inside of Clickbank. If you were running traffic to this offer from more than one place and you made a sale, this will allow you to know where the sale came from.

Tracking with CPV Labs runs on your own server, is very powerful, and gives you complete control over how you want your sales funnel to function.  You can have a 1-page landing sequence or a 5-page sequence. A squeeze, video, or article. Pretty much anything you can imagine.

It even allows you to test different sales funnels against each other, which is our favorite part. Here’s a quick demo of how it works…

Tracking with CPV Labs – Introduction

And here is how to use it withFacebook…

CPV Tracking and Facebook Tutorial


Granted, there is a learning curve but they have videos and good support and once you try it, you will wonder why you took so long to use it.

Want to learn more about real affiliate marketing? Not the usual stuff but the behind the scenes underground stuff that people don’t teach… but works?

Then this ghetto form will get you going. Exclusive report inside but you will have to confirm.

What about Free Trackers?

Things like are fine to an extent if you just want to see how many clicks a link gets. But you cannot now much more and they won’t suffice to check conversions, ROI and more important metrics. CPV Labs is what I recommend if you are serious.

tracking with CPV Labs


So to summarize. You must track period. CPV Labs is worth it. Yes, it’s not super cheap but cheaper than wasting money doing nothing. You will need a domain to host it on, a VPS such as Beyond Hosting (they put CPV Labs on your domain for you) and an SSL certificate (Beyond Hosting do all that too).

The certificate is for security and changes the http to https. Beyond Hosting Discount here if you want to check it out.

That’s it 🙂

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What I learned from my trip to Tokyo and the Netpreneur Summit

While I am not shy, I have never really been a fan of public speaking. So when my friend Chris Blair asked me to speak at an International summit in Tokyo, I was both humbled and a bit fearful.

NetpreneurWhat if they heckled me? What if I froze on the spot? These were fears rushing through my mind as I tried to come up with an excuse to say No. But of course, saying no was never really an option. You cannot grow as a person by staying in your comfort zone.

So off I went. Hopped on the Shinkansen and took the 90-minute bullet train up to Tokyo from Nagoya. Checked in to my hotel in Shinjuku (downtown) and in true British style, I went to the pub.

It was more of a bar and sounded very un-British as it was called the Pink cow!

Anyhow, a few beers and some networking and it was time to catch some sleep before the big day.

The funny thing was, to prepare for this I had watched some videos of the Warrior Plus event and the guys speaking  at that were big household names. They also told their story and pitched almost the whole time.

Luckily, we had none of that here. 100% pure value. 0% pitching. The way it should be if good folk have paid their hard-earned to attend.

Netpreneur Summit

I think the best way is to give you a run-down of the speakers and what I learned:

Day 1

Kevin Riley

Although Kevin is a fellow expat living here in Japan, this was the first time I had met him. He is a great character with a wealth of online marketing and product creation experience. Back when the Warrior Forum was actually good, he was one of the well-known names and built a lot of connections.

Kevin spoke to us all about expert product creation and how to do it the right way. A lot of marketers nowadays should listen to him with some of the stuff served up.

Gulliver Giles and Leela Cosgrove

These two were simply fantastic. Now, I, like some others had never heard of them but some 007 style espionage discovered that they trained the sales teams of Ryan Deiss and Fran Kern to name a few. Wow! They had us all captivated. Gulliver really knows how to hold a crowd and his Armour of God sales info was worth way more than the $497 asking price for the whole event.

I am now a fan for life of these two.

Mark Lyford

Mark has one of the best stories ever. It involves porn, copious amounts of money, the Bahamas and prison. I’ll leave it at that. Mark is a Bitcoin and Crypto currency guru and while a lot of this was new to me, it was a fascinating insight into a world I knew existed, but know little about.

Kim Barret

Another person I’d never heard of but should have. Kim is a Facebook expert from Australia. He is a comfortable speaker and shared his knowledge on the various steps of Customer Awareness. All new and interesting stuff.

Adam Payne

Who is this idiot? Actually, I really enjoyed my presentation after the initial worries. I spoke about YouTube and how to go from zero to an authority channel and then, once that is established how to branch out into YouTube Ads. The crowd seemed to like it 🙂

netpreneur summit

Day 2

Stuart Stirling

Stuart is an Aussie living in Japan (a little North of Tokyo) and though we had been Facebook friends for a while, this was the first time we had actually met. He spoke about list building and this is something I can implement into my business right away. Apologies to Stuart for stealing his blog post layout on the Netpreneur Summit.

Jacob Hiller

I’d heard of Jacob before, but this was the first time to meet him. Off stage he seemed quiet but he is a fantastic speaker for sure. He has made $5 million Plus from an Ebook about jumping higher and built his empire on youtube. He now travels the globe with his wife and son. I heard his 3-year-old has lived in over 20 countries already.

Phil Kyprianou

Phil is from Montreal yet flew all the way over to teach us about E-commerce and Shopify. He knows a lot of stuff and really. After his speech, I was truly inspired to push forward with Shopify despite the worries I had. I’ll be hooking up with him for sure at some point.

Ed-Keay Smith

Ed is a Google Adwords expert but he taught us all about domains and did so in a very entertaining way. I liked his style and he was a good speaker. I also enjoyed a good drink with him after day 1. If I need domain or Adword advice, I have someone to  go to.

Michael Devlin

Another one I’d never heard of. Michael is a real entrepreneur and is so so good at what he does. He is a Linkedin, Twitter and Amazon master as well as being a nice guy all round. I learned so much from him it ain’t funny. He now has a new customer. Me 🙂


The hosts: 2 expats in japan, James Brown and Chris Blair hosted this event superbly. They both complimented each other and because of them, the whole thing went super smoothly.

Add to that the drinks, food, connections and general fun and positive atmosphere, it was a fantastic event. I loved it and have already bought my next ticket.


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Video Vibe Pro Review, Tutorial and Bonus Package

If you want the opinion of someone who knows Video Marketing extremely well, and you want to be able to make high-quality videos and rank them to get the sale or the opt-in, then you must read below.

I’ve just come back from speaking at the Netpreneur Summit in Tokyo with some 7 – 8 figure earners and what I learnt has transformed the way I will do business from here on in.

First, I’ll only be reviewing one offer per week as there are simply not enough quality offers out there. Promoting every day will mean selling my integrity and that’s not for sale at any price.

So with that said, please watch my Video Vibe Pro Review:

Click Here at 11am US EST Sep 14th To Get Video Vibe Pro + My Bonuses Below

Video Vibe Simple Tutorial

Click Here at 11am US EST Sep 14th To Get Video Vibe Pro + My Bonuses Below



  1. Can I use this on multiple channels? Yes.
  2. Does this involve any shady black hat stuff? No. And nor should it
  3. Will it be updated? Although it is not mine, these guys have good names and vouched that it will.
  4. Why get this over other video creation tools? This is an all-in-one suite and the wise person will use these videos to RANK and then PRESELL to direct to content. Other products this month were not up to par.
  5. Is it monthly? No. One time payment only


I have had reviews to review the other video offers this month. I chose this. Why? Because it is miles ahead of the others.


What are the OTOS in Video Vibe Pro?

  1. $67 500 + Social Sharing sites added
  2. $197-$997 – White Label Rights to sell the offer as your own.

Video Vibe Pro Review


PS…I hope you enjoyed the Video Vibe Pro Review. 


Video Vibe Pro Bonuses

(no PLR or worthless stuff like that)

  1. Million dollar Insights – My Top Secret Insights from the Tokyo Netpreneur Summit

  2. My Social Syndication Strategy Recipe

  3. My YouTube Channel Training Video – How to set up Your channel for Massive Success

  4. 15 Minute SKYPE Session. Ask me ANYTHING ( but not technical questions, that’s a waste of your time). My Skype add is on the Bonus page.