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silo videos into playlists

How to silo videos into playlists

silo videos into playlists>> Video Creation can be a laborious process at times. Especially when we are required to create content on a regular basis.

While I would never ask anyone to skip on quality, sometimes, the ability to create a large number of videos quickly has its perks, even if the videos are not the best in terms of quality.

Once way you can do this is to follow these steps:

+ Log into the keyword planner and enter a search term or URL

+ Check a little known box to only highlight VERY closely related terms

+ Make videos for each of these term ( so long as the search volume is sufficient)

+ link up to a money video and out to a website you have.

 How to silo videos into playlists  and Video Tutorial

(apologies for the quality of the video)

To learn more about Video Spinn, you can go here: but you can still use this method if you missed the boat.


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  • Berenice

    Watched a few times so that I could put it all together. Brilliant! thanks.
    Had bit of troulbe following or finding out exactly where your mouse was, so i could understand better what you were showing us. But got there in the end. Thought it is a great idea and purchased it. Love the way you give your view of the various oto’s, really helpful, as always. Many thanks, B

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