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YouTube Remarketing

YouTube Remarketing Mastery – Why This is Huge

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YouTube Remarketing is something rarely talked about or taught. Why is that? Here is my take. No-one knows how to do it. Or, no-one thinks it will work for them. You see, not only are YouTube ads rarely taught. For the most of us, when we see YouTube Ads we see big corporations and we…

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first $100 online

How I made my first $100 online

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By doing something I did not know how to do…. Before You think it sounds dodgy, let me explain. Their name was Charity. Really nice person from my first impression. Hit me up on Facebook and said they were on my list and if I could help them. And my reply got me my first $100 online.…

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Monthly Expenses

Expenses Report – What I spend Each Month on Tools/Services

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My Monthly Expenses I recently got an email from one lady who as worried about her monthly expenses in building her online business. She as worried that she was spending too much and that, I presume, as borne out of not making enough income to justify her expenses. What with everyone posting their income shots…

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How to improve YouTube Channel authority

How to Improve YouTube Channel Authority

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One of  the things that I get emailed about most is this: Adam, you are my hero (ok….I lied) What a lot of folk ask me is why their videos aren’t ranking and getting tons of traffic and views especially after they have fully optimized their YouTube channel as per my training. Patience! A fully optimized…

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The Infrastructure of list building

List Building & YouTube #3 – The Infrastructure of list building

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The Infrastructure of list building >> If you have not yet done so, please go back and read part one and part two on how to build a list with YouTube. This will make more sense then. Done that? Cool, let’s move on. In this post, we are going to talk about the infrastructure or…

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