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My Products

These are some of the products I have Created that are For Sale…


1. The Affiliate Oracle


This is a membership site that teaches you all the stuff that most products do not. It is not sexy, but the fundamentals.

How to do tracking for affiliate marketing, CPA and more. This is huge stuff that No-one teaches.

Disclaimer: To follow me exactly, you will need a VPS Hosting and CPV Labs tracking (Discount links inside)

Price: $9.95 per month. No OTOS


2. YouTube Channel Mastery


35 Videos locked into a membership site all about how to set up and fully optimize your YouTube Channel. Getting the foundations right are crucial to your YouTube Success.

Price: $47 No OTOS

3. Tube Remarketing Mastery

tube remaketing mastery

16 Videos and one YouTube Ads Kickstart guide locked into a membership site all about how to set up and use YouTube Remarketing. This is grossly under-taught and really valuable stuff. VERY underpriced.

Price: $47 No OTOS

4. Tube Architect

Tube Architect Review

This is a complete 100% start to Finish Ranking Guide. In this membership protected course, I cover every single step you need to implement in order to rank your videos on Youtube and Google. Plus, the exact tools or resources used for each of these steps. If you are looking for a COMPLETE blueprint to ranking, this is what you need. 50 plus videos, 4 Superstar interviews and a Bonus software.

Price: $297 NO OTOs


5. YouTube Ads Mastery

YouTube Ads Mastery Review

YouTube Ads Mastery: This is our complete up to date YouTube Ads course. No stone is left unturned. YouTube Ads Mastery teaches you how to increase your online sales, traffic and brand exposure using YouTube Advertising. We teach how to use videos that ‘speak’ to your target audience along with targeted campaigns allows you to get the best bang for your buck.

Price: $97 NO OTOs

6. Tube Rank Explosion


40 HIGH Quality videos showing you the exact process we have been using to dominate the search engines. 

Price: $27 2 OTOS