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Best Video Marketing Course

Best Video Marketing Course Ever?

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Best Video Marketing Course Ever?

There are a lot of video marketing courses online but just what’s the best? I think Video Marketing Insider is the best video marketing course by a long way.

Unlike other video courses, it covers EVERYTHING related to Video marketing and is constantly updated.

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Clickfunnels review

Clickfunnels Review 2018 – Video

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Clickfunnels Review

ClickFunnels is all about making people more cash.

It does this by giving businesses and individuals software that helps them turn their site visitors into customers.

There is no denying it’s popular. But is that because it is worth it, or some slick marketing?

Who do you trust?

The Affiliates, or the naysayers?

Clickfunnels Review Video


Click here for a full review

Tube Buddy Review 2018

Tube Buddy Review 2018

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Tube Buddy Review 2018

Tube Buddy is a YouTube management Tool kit that many top marketers use. Personally, I’ve been using it for a while now and love many of the features.

Check out Tube Buddy Here
Read a Full Review here: https://beerswithadam.com/tube-buddy-review/

Evolution Review and bonuses

Evolution Review and bonuses

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Evolution Review and bonuses

Read the Full Review here of Evolution and learn about the bonuses.

Buy it here.

Evolution Review and bonuses

How to Buy a Domain Name

How to Buy a Domain Name

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How to Buy a Domain Name

Buying a domain name is not complicated but there are a few little things to be careful of.




Expired Domains

PS…Hope the video was of use to you. We cover a lot of this in much more detail inside of WordPress Wizardry. That’s a part of Video Marketing Insider.


Video Marketing Insider

Video Marketing Insider Review

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Video Marketing Insider Review (Please Watch)

Video Marketing Insider Review of the Funnel

There are NO upsells or downsells at all.

There are 3 payment options:

a) Monthly – $40 per month

b) Annual – $400 per year


These prices WILL RISE after 90 days from January 16th. NO EXCEPTIONS.


I ‘MAY’ have specials in the future.

Video Marketing Insider Bonuses (LIFETIME BUYERS ONLY)

For Anyone who buys the LIFETIME option during the launch, there will be 2 special bonuses.

One: A Web-based software (for transparency, not created yet) a daily views of a video tracker so that you can see how many views a video gets on a daily basis to better understand if you want to go after it.

Two: A Q and A session with me ( video related of course).

Others will be added to the lifetime over time… but the above 2 are for launch buyers only.


How to Go Back To The Old Adwords interface

How to Go Back To The Old Adwords interface

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How to Go Back To The Old Adwords interface

Even though the New AdWords Experience (AKA the new user interface) doesn’t quite have feature parity with the current AdWords yet, it actually offers some exclusive features.

But Remarketing tags ( or the locating of them) can be tricky. That is why you may want to go back tot he old interface.

I hope you enjoyed this video blog post and if so, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more tips and tricks related to video.

How to Avoid the sales page on Clickbank

How to Avoid the Sales Pages on Clickbank ( USE WITH CAUTION)

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How to Avoid the sales page on Clickbank

When you’re promoting Clickbank products on YouTube, the goal of your video, of course, is to try and convince the viewer to buy the particular product in question.

One problem that you can often have is that when people then click on your affiliate link, they go to the sales page which sometimes, especially on Clickbank, can have a huge long VSL.

People have already seen your video.

They’re already interested.

They want to buy and they’ve got to sit through another long VSL.

They’ve got a really another long-form sales letter and that can sometimes have an adverse effect.

If you want to avoid the sales page and let your video do the selling or your blog post do the selling, you can take them straight to the order page.

This is how you do it.

I’d always advise that you reach out to the actual vendor themselves and tell them what you’re going to do to make sure it’s okay but that is how you bypass the sales page and take people directly to the order form.

I hope you found this video helpful and I’ll speak to you soon.

This is the link to edit:


Here is the site for finding the VENDOR:

Hope you enjoyed this post on How to Avoid the sales page on Clickbank. This will help you get better conversions from your efforts.

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Get More Leads

Get more leads For Your Network Marketing Company

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How to get more leads for your Network Marketing Company

I’m going to show you how you can leverage platforms such as YouTube, Google as well, but mainly YouTube to absolutely dominate any searches related to the network marketing company, or MLM company that you are promoting.

Now I want to preface this by saying, I’m not involved in any way, shape, or form in this industry.

I’m not in network marketing, I’m not in MLM. My expertise is in actual YouTube marketing, but I do have a lot of friends, I do have a lot of people that I associate with in Facebook, and other social media that do a lot of this stuff.

A lot of people are either doing it wrong, or they’re limiting themself to their close circle of friends, or on places like Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, or Pinterest.

Get More Leads

When by branching out and attracting people that have no idea the company even exists, you’re just going to get a much wider range of person.

You’re going to get many more eyeballs on what it is you have to offer.

So when it comes to YouTube marketing, you want to make sure that when anybody does any search, whether it’s product related or whether it’s problem related, that your YouTube channel absolutely dominates.

Which means you’re going to need to have videos up on your channel, which solve problems, which review stuff, which give balanced view points.

So that eventually not only will you become known in that industry, but people will get to like you, people will get to trust you.

You can direct traffic to build a huge email list where you give your subscribers value, and then you offer you MLM as a fast-track to solving problems.

How to get more leads for your Network Marketing Company – Video


To Get Started With YouTube, go here and grab your free YouTube Niches Guide.

Google Drawings

How To Get a High quality backlink from Google Drawings

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How To Get a High quality backlink from Google Drawings

Short but sweet Tutorial.

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