How to Choose a Sponsor- Be Careful!

How to Choose a Sponsor- Be Careful!


How to Choose a Sponsor

How to Choose a Sponsor


How to Choose a sponsor? This is one of the questions that everyone asks themself when they come across an on-line opportunity.

Let’s be honest, it can actually be quite hard.

One of these reasons is that the more ‘well-known’ names offer a wealth of bonuses to join their team.

Not only can these be attractive, they can be potentially dangerous and I am going to tell you why!

And my hope is that this post gives you a better idea on what to do and the things to think about before you jump onto someone’s team.

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How to Choose a Sponsor- Be Careful!

This post was actually inspired by a couple of conversations I had this week with two fantastic people. Neither of them are on my team but we have gotten to know each other on Social Media.

Each time, I was on the phone for about 90 minutes and there was one common trend.

They had joined sponsors who were not helping them!

Sponsors who were inaccessible.

Sponsors who would not answer their questions.

Sponsors who did not do what they had promised.

And to be honest, I just do not get it!

This is  a people business!

Is is about building relationships, nurturing them, providing support and mutual growth.

As a sponsor you have a responsibility to the folk who have joined your team.

How to Choose a Sponsor- My Story

When I was thinking how to choose a sponsor in one opportunity , I found a very famous guy who was offering all sorts of bonuses to join him.

Access to his ‘Inner Circle’, an SEO E book, A done for you website. It was very tempting and I almost joined him. But, the whole thing seemed impersonal.

And I decided to join a guy I had built up a relationship with instead.

There were no bonuses at the time…..and it was the best choice I ever made.

I have since heard, that despite the famous guy’s success, there are a lot of unhappy folk saying how he has no time for them…and that is sad.

I realised that how to choose a sponsor was down to the Integrity of the sponsor themselves.  

So how to choose a sponsor?

How to Choose a Sponsor

How to Choose a Sponsor

How to choose a sponsor

The key question to ask yourself is do they have integrity?

Do not be fooled by a lot of the glitzy bonuses. Sure some of them may be nice but no bonus is worth more than a sponsor who has integrity.

A sponsor that is available.

Someone that will reply to your emails…will call you back…will be there for you! No bonus is worth that.

A sponsor who is worried about the billion dollar payday.

The Billion Dollar Payday

The ‘billion dollar pay day’ has NO connection to money, but the impact you can have on someone’s life.

If you can provide someone with the means to spend more time with their kids….

If you can put a smile onto someone’s face…..

If you can get someone out of the job they hate…….

If you can take the kids on a vacation….

These are billion dollar paydays!  

I made a short video on how to choose a sponsor and the importance of integrity. Forgive the bad hair day.

How to Choose a Sponsor- Be Careful!


So now you know how to choose a sponsor , you can choose wisely.

Find a sponsor you resonate with, can identify with…connect with them first and see how you feel.

Do not just choose them because they have earned a lot of money and are offering you a free website.

All the tools in the world are useless if you do not know what you are doing.

How to choose a sponsor can be hard for the newbie, but the right decision will be one of the best you ever make.

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How to Choose a Sponsor


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  1. Mark Walsh
    2 years ago

    This is so right Adam.

    I’d go further and say that I know of ‘sponsors’ who are only interested in making commissions from the people in their team and in return offer you nothing of value.

    You’re absolutely right in that you have to be careful who you choose and you’re fully ‘switched on’ when making this decision.

    I agree, work with the person who cares about you and your progression, gives you their time and provides value even if they’re still learning themselves. Consult people in their team to see what value is being offered and evaluate their integrity.

    A really good post with supporting video.

    Thanks for writing such a valuable piece.

    Mark :)


    Adam Payne Reply:

    Appreciate the comments Mark.

    And I agree when you say that some ‘sponsors’ are only interested in the money and not in helping.

    It is so easy to make the wrong choice. And I am surprised how many are not ‘switched on’.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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